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Garage Door Springs

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If your garage door refuses to open or feels heavy, if it looks crooked or suddenly stops working, have our professionals take a look - chances are your springs are broken or are about to break.

Proper Maintenance

Springs, like everything else, have a finite lifespan, regardless of how frequently you operate your garage door system. Surely you take good care of your car and its parts, so why not do the same to your garage system? Visual inspection, cleaning, proper lubrication and tension adjustment are just some of the things that have a positive effect on the life expectancy of springs. You yourself can easily do most, if not all of the above; however, if you identify any issues during the inspection, have professionals address them before they become more serious.

Spring Replacement

Most homeowners are baffled as to what to do when only one spring breaks and the other one stays intact. The answer is simple - both need replacement, ASAP. Chances are they were installed at the same time, and no one can tell how long the other one is going to last. Extension springs can cause serious damage and/or injury the moment they break, so you might want to consider switching from an extension to torsion spring system. Replacing broken springs is a dangerous task and hiring professionals is always a wise choice!

Choosing the Right Spring

We’ve already stated that torsion springs are a safer option, in addition they are also sturdier, last longer and result in less wear on your door opener. However, there are several options of torsion springs out there, and most people have difficulties choosing between oil tempered and galvanized torsion springs. Both are made from high carbon steel, but go through a different manufacturing processes. Oil tempered springs are sturdier but tend to rust more quickly than galvanized ones, which, on the other hand, have a shorter lifespan and can become rather noisy over time. Call Garage Door Repair Farmington and let our team help you choose the best option for you!

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